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 SPRITE ARTISTS NEEDED! Looking for pictures relating to themes (for Soundcloud and other external apps for PGO)

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PostSubject: SPRITE ARTISTS NEEDED! Looking for pictures relating to themes (for Soundcloud and other external apps for PGO)   Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:26 am

Greetings! I am Thadadir, the music maker and general big man around here (well I like to think that, whether or not it's true is another thing altogether!)

I need your help guys, I am looking for cool artwork to use for Soundcloud pictures (the place where I'm uploading music for all to hear).

Consider it a side project for you guys to do to keep yourselves busy while I'm making music and the developers are busy actually making the game.

So here's what I will need.

I will need artwork in the same style as PGO, (8bit) and I am looking for the following themes.

A dungeon,
A sword or a weapon,
A wizard casting a spell,
An evil, human like creature with dark grey skin and evil red eyes with some evil looking armour (think of it like an Orc or something)

You are in control of what it will look like exactly, but I am looking for the above themes to use as official soundtrack pictures,


It needs to be in the same style or similar style as PGO, make it fit with the theme of PGO,
It needs to be your work, don't steel other people's images and call them your own. You'll get us both in trouble :^)
It needs to look nice, don't rush it, you have time to make it look nice and presentable.
I would like it to fit one of the above themes, but you are generally in control of what it looks like.
It cannot be copyrighted, that means no digital signature or mark anywhere on the image, this is for ToC's and whatnot.

"What's in it for me?"
Well nothing really, execpt your very own piece of art is the cover of the official soundtrack for the game in Soundcloud and will probably also be used for other things too. And if I convince the developers they may be able to add a list of thanks somewhere and you may have your name in it, but no guarantees.
You are helping me help the developers by making a professional art cover for our Soundcloud page.

Simply PM me with the image when you have done,

The reason I'm asking you guys, the players, the community, is because I suck big time at making concept art and stuff.

Thanks in advance on behalf of the PGO team!

Our soundcloud page can be found here!
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SPRITE ARTISTS NEEDED! Looking for pictures relating to themes (for Soundcloud and other external apps for PGO)
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